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Since 1980…

I was thinking back to all the history that those of us who graduated in May of 1980 have been fortunate to have witnessed.  Some of it has been good, some not so good.  Some horrific, some fantastic.  I figured I’d start a list of events that I could come up with off the top of my head.  Please feel free to send any additions to the list by emailing me here.

  1. BulletSoviet Union invades Afghanistan.  U.S. boycotts 1980 summer Olympics in response. 

  2. BulletRonald Reagan elected president.

  3. BulletJohn Lennon assassinated in NYC.

  4. BulletThe Iran hostage crisis ends as Reagan is inaugurated.

  5. BulletAn assassin fails in an attempt to kill Ronald Reagan.

  6. BulletFirst space shuttle successfully launches.

  7. BulletAn assassin fails in his attempt to take the life of Pope John Paul II.

  8. BulletDiana Spencer marries Charles, Prince of Wales.

  9. BulletAnwar Sadat assassinated in Egypt.

  10. BulletLeonid Brezhnev, Soviet premier since 1964 dies in 1982.

  11. Bullet241 U.S. Marines die in a truck bomb attack on their barracks in Beirut, Lebanon.

  12. BulletU.S. invades Grenada.

  13. BulletKorean Air Lines flight KL007, carrying 269 passengers and crew is shot down by a Soviet fighter.  All on-board die.

  14. BulletApple Computer introduces the Macintosh.

  15. BulletYuri Andropov, Soviet premier since 1982 dies in February, 1984.

  16. BulletSummer Olympics 1984in Los Angeles

  17. BulletRonald Reagan re-elected to second term in 1984.

  18. BulletKonstantin Chernenko, Soviet premier since 1984, dies in March, 1985. Mikhail Gorbachev elected new Soviet premier the day after Chernenko’s death.

  19. BulletThe passenger ship, Achille Lauro, is hijacked by men from the Palestine Liberation Front.  One American passenger on-board was killed and his body was dumped overboard.

  20. BulletSpace Shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after a January, 1986 launch.

  21. BulletIran-Contra

  22. BulletBlack Monday, October 19, 1987, worldwide stock markets crash.

  23. BulletGeorge H.W. Bush elected president in 1988.

  24. BulletPan American flight 103 blows up over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all on board and some on the ground.

  25. BulletThe Berlin Wall falls in 1989.

  26. BulletU.S. invades Panama to capture Manuel Noriega.

  27. BulletSoviet Union collapses. Gorbachev forced to resign.  Boris Yeltsin becomes President of Russia.  The Cold War is over.

  28. BulletSaddam Hussein invades Kuwait.

  29. BulletU.S. forces remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait in First Gulf War.

  30. BulletBill Clinton elected president in 1992.

  31. BulletIslamic terrorists attempt to destroy World Trade Center in NYC with car bomb.  The attempt fails, though there are casualties and one building does sustain damage.

  32. BulletJacksonville is awarded the NFL franchise, Jacksonville Jaguars.

  33. BulletRichard Nixon dies in 1994.

  34. BulletJacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis dies in 1994.

  35. BulletRonald Reagan announces in a letter to the American people that he has Alzheimer’s Disease.

  36. BulletDomestic terrorists destroy the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK, killing 168 persons, including 19 children.

  37. BulletIn July 1996, TWA Flight 800 carrying 230 passengers and crew exploded over the Atlantic Ocean near New York, killing all on board.  The final NTSB report determined that the explosion was not a result of terrorism.

  38. BulletDomestic terrorist attempts to disrupt the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta with a pipe bomb.  The games continued uninterrupted.

  39. BulletPrincess Diana dies in auto wreck in Paris in 1997.

  40. BulletThe Monica Lewinsky scandal results in the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

  41. BulletJohn F. Kennedy Jr. dies in a plane crash in 1999.

  42. BulletThe world celebrates the new millennium.

  43. BulletY2K concerns fail to produce any real impact around the world.

  44. BulletGeorge W. Bush elected president after U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

  45. BulletApple introduces the first iPod in April of 2001.

  46. Bullet9/11/2001 - Islamic terrorists, using commercial jetliners flying out of Boston and Washington, D.C. hijack 4 jetliners, flying 2 into the World Trade Center in NYC, 1 into the Pentagon Building in Washington, D.C., and another is crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pa as the passengers stormed the cockpit to regain control of the plane.  The World Trade Towers collapse after less than a couple of hours from the initial attacked, destroying a large chunk of real estate in lower Manhattan.  A total of 2,998 people die that day as a direct result of terrorist action.  President Bush declares war on terrorists and the countries that harbor them.

  47. BulletU.S. invades Afghanistan and removes Taliban from power.

  48. BulletU.S. invades Iraq and removes Saddam Hussein from power.  Hussein is subsequently executed after being found guilty of crimes by an Iraqi court.

  49. BulletSpace shuttle Columbia disintegrates upon re-entry into earth’s atmosphere, killing all on board.

  50. BulletRonald Reagan dies in California.

  51. BulletGeorge W. Bush re-elected president.

  52. BulletPope John Paul II dies in 2005.

  53. BulletPope Benedict XVI elected new pope following the death of JPII.

  54. BulletPope Benedict XVI makes an historic trip to the United States in April 2008.

  55. BulletWar in Iraq continues…

  56. BulletOlympics in China.

  57. BulletBarack Obama elected to be the 44th President of the United States.

  58. BulletAt this point, who cares...

And time marches on...